Acquisition Search

Background. Whether you are an individual buyer or a corporation looking for acquisitions, a qualified intermediary can provided you with targeted efforts and a comprehensive acquisition approach that will successfully meet your criteria.  Over the past several years, some significant trends have established themselves as related to the ability of prospective buyers to acquire businesses.  These trends include short supply of high potential or financially strong businesses, extensive qualification of potential buyers early in the acquisition process, and a reluctance of more “desirable” businesses to list themselves as available on the market for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is depressed valuations. 


The “tire-kickers,” which previously were able to make it into the showroom, have made the requirements of proof that much more difficult for serious buyers.  Today, sellers want to know upfront if an individual or corporation is financially and experientially qualified before taking their business public, i.e. disclosing their identity and situation and releasing confidential information.  Buyers who invest in the acquisition process by hiring professionals to represent and document their credentials have a significant competitive advantage.  With the burden of proof taken care of upfront, buyers have much more credibility and can even uncover those businesses which are not and were not planning on actively being on the market.


Most buyers have little experience or expertise in the demanding task they face in locating, negotiating and buying a business.  Buyers can be very good at analyzing a business or performing within the particular business they wish to acquire, but, despite all of their job-related expertise, are not experts in the business acquisition process.  Buyers are often forced into making many sacrifices in locating the particular type and size of business they want, and ultimately, many suffer from buyer’s remorse because the acquisition they made was much further from the initial criteria and “dream” that they had originally established.


Acquisition Search Services. Corporate Investment works with potential buyers to form a comprehensive acquisition search program that will find and match the right opportunity for the buyer’s financial and business goals.


Corporate Investment’s Acquisition Services include:

·         Creating a portfolio for the buyer’s financial and experiential qualifications

·         Profiling and prioritizing an extensive list of acquisition criteria

·         Establishing a targeted marketing and prospecting campaign

·         Filtering respondents against established criteria – 1st level of qualification

·         Analysis of financial statements and organizational culture

·         Qualifying interested respondents based upon top prioritized criteria – 2nd level of qualification

·         Initiating and managing communications process between buyer and top acquisition candidates

·         Selecting the acquisition candidate with which the buyer would like to proceed (multiple candidates engaged in the case of multiple acquisitions or industry rollups)Detailed financial and organizational analysis

·         Negotiation and deal structuring

·         Management of the buyer’s due diligence process and team

·         Closing

·         Post closing and conclusion


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