• IT Staffing, Consulting and Training (New Jersey): $3,250,000 in Revenues and $750,000 in recast EBITDA.
  • Medical / Nurse Staffing Firm (Pennsylvania): $3.0 - $3.5 million in revenues with strong candidate pool and upside potential.
  • IT Staffing and Outsourcing Firm (NY/NJ Metro): $22 million in revenues with off shore capabilities and approximately $3.5 million EBITDA - UNDER CONTRACT.

Register Your Acquisition Criteria

We guide our marketing efforts according to the acquisition criteria of active buyers in the marketplace.  We alert these registered buyers with email notifications with any opportunities that we bring in house that fit their criteria.  Click here to register.


Formal Acquisition Search
Corporate Investment can also provide a buyer with a formalized acquisition search.  We assist buyer's in determining their ideal situations, based upon the buyer’s business objectives, experience, financial capabilities and return on investment goals. We can then locate and evaluate businesses that meet the buyer’s criteria. Through our concentrated efforts, Corporate Investment will not only review and filter those opportunities which are currently available, but also introduce buyers to situations that are not actively on the market.

Additionally, Corporate Investment can handle all aspects of the transaction, including negotiation of the price and the terms of the acquisition, assist in securing financing, and coordinate and interface with accountants and attorneys throughout the due diligence, document preparation and review process. For more information, click here to read about our acquisition search services.

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