Free Resources

Corporate Investment offers a variety of free resources to assist you in learning more about the latest business development strategies, the process of selling your business and tools that will assist you in self-assessing your own business.

The following Self Assessment Tool can assist you in determining the value and marketability of your business.

  • How to Determing Your Business's Value and Marketability--Is Your Business Worth TWICE Or HALF What You Think It Is? This report and step-by-step surveying tool will provide you with insights into what factors most greatly affect your business's value and marketability.  Request Your Self Assessment Tool Here.

The following Free Reports can assist you throughout the process of deciding and preparing to sell your business.

  • Prepare to Sell Your Business At Maximum Value. This report will provide you with insight on how to define, strengthen and position your Inside Reality to an acquirer, specifically outlining those parts of your business that add to your overall value and those that take away from it. For a more detailed description of this report click here or Request Your Report Here.
  • What Acquirers Value About Your Business: The Five Pivotal Elements That Negate An Acquirer's Risk and Increase Your Value.  This report describes the five critical elements that acquires review when analyzing your business.  Request Your Report Here.
  • Selling Your Business: Where to Start.  This report will give you insight into what information you will have to gather, how it needs to be prepared, how to better understand your strengths and weaknesses objectively, how to position these factors and it provides four simple rules for selecting a business broker.  Request Your Report Here.
  • Business Diagnostic Worksheet.  This tool is meant to take a snapshot of your business as it currently operates.  It asks questions regarding current infrastructure, staffing, sales and marketing efforts and procedures, financial performance and your competitive advantage.  Request Your Diagnostic Here.