If you are a business owner that is considering the sale of your business because you are burnt out, nearing retirement, want to cash out or take some chips off the table, need access to greater capital, human or management resources to grow, then I would like to tell you about three demands that you must make of a business broker before you begin the marketing of your business.


Corporate Investment International is a mergers and acquisitions firm that has been helping business owners to grow, support, prepare and sell their businesses since 1988.  Through extensive surveying and experience over this past 17 years, owners consistenctly identify three key characteristics they want from a business broker when considering the sale of their business. 


The More You Know About Selling Your Business And How To Prepare It...

The More You Will Receive When The Right Time Comes.


At Corporate Investment International, we do something unique for our clients in that we use a systemized discovery, packaging and positioning process, enabling us to learn about our client’s business and objectives from start to finish. 


1) Understand Your Business AND Your Industry:  Aside from our track record and experience representing businesses in the service, specialty retail and distribution industries over the past 17 years, our 360° Discovery and Positioning Process enables us to build a strong understanding of your business, customers and industry, provide you with an opinion or your business’s value, profile ideal acquirers whom we can contact and who will realize the greatest value in your organization, and ultimately create a complete business review and market strategy.  We complete nearly 75% of this discovery, positioning and planning process before ever asking you for a signed agreement. And, that signed agreement, then has a 90-Day Performance Guarantee that enables either party to terminate the agreement for any reason.


2) Get Your Business Sold & Handle The Process With Strict Confidentiality:  At Corporate Investment, we only take on a limited number of clients at any given time to allow us to spend more time on each project.  This has allowed us to sell approximately 4 out of every 5 businesses we represent—nearly 2.5 times greater than the industry average of only 25 – 30%.  We also extensively qualify all acquirers with an experiential and financial profile registration, operate under strict confidentiality requirements and use a series of information management tools to keep all communications and efforts running smoothly and persistently.


3) Maximize Your Sale Price:  Our Business Analysis Process enables us to present your business around the key factors that acquirers use to analyze your business: operations, customer base, sales and marketing, the strength of staff and management, and financial performance. Acquisitions are largely about confidence and risk. Our process and presentation package—which has been commended by sellers and acquirers alike—properly positions your strengths and weaknesses in order to build a case that instills confidence in the acquirer and diminishes the risks associated with acquiring your business.


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