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Coaching Services for Small Businesses…


As a small business owner, you are pulled in countless directions and rarely find time for to work on what they want to work on.  You’re responding to and keeping customers happy, managing and overseeing employees the next.  Your phone rings or an email comes in and now you’re in yet another different direction.  And then, at the end of the week or month, you’re hunched over your financials trying to figure out why, with all that effort, you're not where you want to be.  This is a VERY common situation for small business owners.  You get caught up working in your business and never have the opportunity to step back and see all the pieces working together (or, perhaps not working together).  This is what our coach approach enables. 


Our “coach approach” means that we recognize the best person to give expert advice on your small business is YOU.  The coach approach means that we recognize that you already have many of the answers that you need; it’s often just a matter of helping you see more options to make a better decision.  Once that decision is made, then it’s about helping you design effective plans to help you walk the path you’ve chosen to get you to your ultimate goal.


We work with you to identify your business’s critical success factors and then through a combination of assessments, coaching and sometimes training, we work to align your business around these critical factors.  We partner with our clients and review all major areas of the business, from high level strategic planning and management, to more functional elements such as marketing, sales, operations or service delivery, human resources, finance and general organizational development issues.  We partner with and coach our clients from the initial stages through their action plans and implementation right through to the completion of any initiatives we’ve undertaken.


We work to help you create the opportunity for you, the entrepreneur, to pull back for a brief moment and take stock of what’s really going on, answering:

  • What results are you getting from all your efforts? 
  • What’s working and what’s not quite right?
  • What’s really causing the challenges you face and what elements are within your control to enact change?
  • What areas need more resources to perform at even higher levels?
  • What obstacles may be forthcoming? And how can we plan for them now so they won’t be anything but a bump in the road?

Having a coach means being able to keep your eye on these essential questions and so you don’t lose sight of your ultimate objectives—whether they be financial, or lifestyle, or personal, or whatever. 


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