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Corporate Investment International does something unique to our industry in that we use a systemized discovery, packaging and positioning process that enables us to learn about our client’s business and objectives from start to finish.  Corporate Investment does much of its discovery work and analysis prior to ever asking you to sign an agreement.  And then, once the agreement is signed, we have a 90-day guarantee, allowing you to cancel the agreement at that time. We additionally manage your project systematically, recording and tracking requested information, notifying you each time the business is presented to a new potential acquirer, liaising with your professional advisors to ensure that you have all the information you need regarding the legal and tax ramifications of selling your business.


We regularly hear from frustrated business owners who have had troubling experiences with another business broker.  They tell us that they feel like nothing was being done, that they don’t know what the business broker has been doing, that the only buyers they have seen were unqualified either financially or experientially, and they don’t see how the broker can sell the business when he hasn’t spent much time trying to understand it in the first place.


These frustrating circumstances can lead to months of wasted time, confusion as to what’s going on and what your role should be, disruption in your business by taking you away from it all too often, breaches of confidentiality, poor advice at critical times and loss of negotiating power from misconceptions about the business.


Who’s Fault Is It When These All Too Common Problems Occur
During The Sales Process? 

We Say It’s The Business Broker’s Fault.


At Corporate Investment, we realize that selling your business is a major and difficult step for you.  We also know that you are running a business, not trying to figure out if the business broker is doing his job correctly.  That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to overcoming every problem that you will face with any other business broker.  At Corporate Investment, our thorough and systemized Drill Down process enables us to gather all the pertinent information upfront, understand how we need to position the strengths and weaknesses of your business so that they do not become issues later on, strictly qualify potential candidates, provide the right advice at the right time so that you are equipped to make the right decision and build a case for the valuation of your business so that we dictate the negotiating terms.  As we already mentioned, Corporate Investment does much of this discovery work prior to ever asking you to sign an agreement.  And then, once the agreement has been signed, we also have a 90-day guarantee which allows you to cancel the agreement at that time.

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